Nanjing Bouling Chemical(Group) LTD.
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Name:Nanjing Bouling Chemical(Group) LTD.
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Address:ShangYuan Street, 863# 10-602, Jiangning Area ,Nanjing ,China

Nanjing Bouling Chemical(Group) LTD was founded in May 1988. Approved by the State Economic and Trade Committee, it was transformed into an enterprise group in 1992. In 1997, Bouling was selected by the Nanjing Council as one of the 120 pilot enterprise groups. After nearly 20 years of development, Bouling Group has more than 10 subsidiary companies with 600 staff members. It has over 30 major production units covering an area of 7.3 square kilometers. It manufactures products of more than 100 types under 17 categories, which are mainly fluoro-chemicals and basic chemical raw materials, as well as macromolecular materials, fertilizers and pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemical mining, building materials, chemical engineering machinery, power and energy supply, etc. Based upon the chloro-alkali chemical industry and the coal chemical industry, a chemical industry chain has been formed with fluoro-chemical as its leading sector, fine chemicals, synthetic materials and........